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Experimental Archaeology in Latvia: some possibilities for future development

Artūrs Tomsons (LV)

Experimental Archaeology in Latvia, during the past years has acquired a new direction. Although it has a long history of experimental reconstruction, best known for the excavation and rebuilding of the Late Iron Age Latgallian settlement in Āraiši by Dr. Jānis Apals, in last years, after the initiative of the current author...

Tērvetes Koka Pils (LV)

The Tērvete archaeological complex includes four mounds, ruins of a castle, an ancient town and a medieval cemetery. Archaeological excavations were carried out in the 1950s and 60s.

Baltic Experimental Archaeology Summer School

Organised by: 
Dr. Artūrs Tomsons
National History Museum of Latvia
University of Latvia, Faculty of History and Philosophy
Āraišu arheoloģiskais muzejparks
University of Latvia, Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences
Event date: 
Monday, 18 July, 2016 to Sunday, 24 July, 2016
Kind of Event: 
for Public

Roundtables at University College Dublin, January 2015

Ruth Fillery-Travis (UK)
On 15 January 2015 around 25 people participated in the Academic Round Table chaired by Professor Bill Schindler from Washington College, and later this day in the Experimental Archaeology Networks Roundtable, with Roeland Paardekooper from EXARC chairing. Attendees came from a variety of countries, including Malta, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, UK, Sweden, the US and Poland...

Conference: A Trip to the Birthplace of Experimental Archaeology

Artūrs Tomsons (LV)
Summer is already coming to an end, but in experimental archaeology, season is not important. Following the conclusion of a field course in experimental archaeology held in the University of Latvia, it is hoped that a short report and perhaps a more detailed article will be produced in the future...

What weapons were used in battle by the people inhabiting the lake fortress (LV)?

The people living in the lake fortress used the characteristic close combat and missile weapons of the Viking Age. Missile weapons included the bow, with iron-tipped arrows, as well as the javelin and probably also the sling...

What did the people of the lake fortress look like (LV)?

Anthropological and demographic studies give us an idea of the physical characteristics of the ancient Latgallians in the Early Middle Ages. Latgallian men living in the 7th–13th century had an average stature of...

When did the first people arrive in the area of present-day Latvia (LV)?

The earliest people settled in the territory of Latvia when the last ice sheet had melted and the first simple flora and fauna had developed...

When did human settlement begin in the Cēsis area, and who were the earliest settlers (LV)?

It is not known exactly when human habitation began in the Cēsis area. The process of settlement began in the Mesolithic (7600–4500 BC) and continued in the Neolithic (4500–1500 BC). These people were still hunter-fishers...


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