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Republic of Macedonia

Tumba Madzari, Museum of Macedonia (MK)

In Macedonia and in Skopje in particular, there are just a few well known and appreciated archaeological sites.

HAEMUS - Centre for Scientific Research and Promotion of Culture (MK)

HAEMUS is a center for scientific research and promotion of the culture concentrated on the Balkan Peninsula. We offer a comprehensive range of cultural heritage services. This falls into few main categories: research, cultural recourse management, publication, education, promotion and tourism...

Museum on Water ”Bay of the Bones” / Музеј на вода „Залив на коските“ (MK)

An interesting lake dwelling reconstruction museum can be found at Ohrid Lake, one of the oldest and deepest lakes of Europe, at the border between Macedonia and Albania. This area has attracted tourists for centuries. The Museum on Water is still under expansion and...

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