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The Emperor is arriving!

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Sunday, 2 April, 2017
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for Public

Book Review: The Art of Prehistoric Textile Making: The Development of Craft Traditions and Clothing in Central Europe by Karina Grömer

Raylene McCalman (US)
Textile research has made significant advances in recent years as new technologies and methods are developed, tested, and applied to the analyses of archaeological textiles. The FWF-Project1, a collaborative research effort involving researchers and artists from institutions in Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany, engaged in ...

Roundtables at University College Dublin, January 2015

Ruth Fillery-Travis (UK)
On 15 January 2015 around 25 people participated in the Academic Round Table chaired by Professor Bill Schindler from Washington College, and later this day in the Experimental Archaeology Networks Roundtable, with Roeland Paardekooper from EXARC chairing. Attendees came from a variety of countries, including Malta, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, UK, Sweden, the US and Poland...

Conference "Lakes & Logboats"

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The Neues Museum Biel (NMB)(CH)
Event date: 
Sunday, 31 May, 2015 to Monday, 1 June, 2015
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for Professionals

Kantonales Museum für Urgeschichte(n) Zug (CH)

The museum conserves, analyses and imparts knowledge about the archaeological finds of the Canton of Zug dating from the Paleolithic to the Early Middle Ages...

Historisches Museum Bern (CH)

In the occasion of the exhibition "Die Pfahlbauer – am wasser und uber die Alpen" a (re)construction of a prehistoric house is being built in front of the Historical Museum of Bern.

Alemannendorf (CH)

The Alemannendorf project aims to (re)construct an early medieval village.

Museum Burghalde Lenzburg (CH)

Our museum saves, researches, exhibits and interprets all periods from Palaeolithic up to the industrial period. With our archaeological collection, we organise workshops and exhibitions about experimental archaeology...

EXAR Tagung Brugg 2012

Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

In early October 2012, EXAR held its yearly conference in Brugg, Switzerland. EXAR is the European Association for experimental archaeology and has over 150 members. Their highlight is their annual conference and the proceedings, which usually appear 12 months later, which is very fast...


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