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Book Review: Representation of the Past in Public Spheres. Experiencing the Past: the Reconstruction and Recreation of History at Colonial Williamsburg by Martine Teunissen

Evelyn Fidler (CA)
When I read the title, I particularly looked forward to reading this book and I was not disappointed. I am glad I was allowed to review it. Colonial Williamsburg has been held up to me as an example to follow when interpreting in living history and open air museums and also criticised when they don’t get it right...

Museum Village (US)

While visiting the exhibit buildings now at

Camlann Medieval Village (US)

The village is open each weekend from May to the end of September.

Fort Boise Replica & Museum (US)

In the fall of 1834, Thomas McKay, a veteran leader of the annual Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) Snake Country brig

Wade House (US)

Today it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is part of the Wade House Historic Site, a hist

Tannenbaum Historic Park (US)

Today, Tannenbaum Historic Park (also known as the Hoskins House Historic District) preserves a remnant of the

Somerset Place (US)

With the end of the plantation system, Somerset Place plantation passed into history.

Fort Seminoe (US)

The Mormons used this post as a place of refuge in 1856 while they were caught in an early blizzard at

Salem Pioneer Village (US)

Pioneer Village is nestled between the woods and the ocean, a ten minute drive from downtown, in Salem's Forest

Ohio Village (US)

The 22 buildings that make up the village are a mixture of reproductions and historic structures moved to the s


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