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Short survey about open-air museums

Kristi Kovalenko is currently writing her master thesis on open-air museums at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems in Austria. More specifically, she is evaluating the appeal of the open-air museum and the provided experience at the site...

Good quality information on living in the past

Following a 'Viking Day' at school, kids asked us for some interesting stuff which is not in the general imagery, preferably good online material. If you search, normally you get Wikipedia, BBC and Pinterest, all of varying quality of information. While archaeologists are arguing about authenticity and minimum reconstruction others step in and fill the void...

Job vacancy for a museum director in Vechta

The city of Vechta, between Osnabrück and Bremen in Germany, is looking for a new director of his museum and his experimental center of the Middle Ages. Please see attached job description and respond before 31 January.

Iron Age reconstructed temple set on fire in the Czech Republic

EXARC member Keltoi is devastated after one of their houses, a reconstructed Iron Age temple, at Prasily caught fire on 30 December 2016. Keltoi has an extensive series of photos of the fire at their website.

Call for Applications – Re-Enactment Replication Reconstruction

This Interdisciplinary Workshop on Performative Methodologies brings together specialists from the fields of art history, archaeology, conservation, musicology and anthropology. Its goals are to reflect on reconstruction, re-enactment and replication (RRR) practices in research, and to learn from each other’s approaches and experience...

EXARC Journal 2016/4 published

A bit later than planned (due to the early Digest 2016-2) EXARC Journal 2016/4 was published online in the first days of December. It contains 9 articles: 5 are Mixed Matters, the other 4 are for Members Only. If you would like to see our most recent articles, please Become EXARC Member.

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EXARC - REARC Conference in the United States

18 & 19 November, a colourful crowd attended the Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference (REARC). Venue was the world famous living history museum Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. In total, about 90 people participated, of which about 40 students. People travelled from West Coast to East Coast to join, and also several EXARC members from Europe were present.

EU Application, support for European networks

On 11 November 2016, EXARC filed an application with the EU for support for European networks. The outcome is expected to come in March / April 2017. EXARC will highlight the migration of food and artisan products in the archaeological past (in this case 7500 BC – 1500 AD), showing its relevance for modern times, emphasising our common European past...

EXARC Director visits Zeiteninsel Project in Germany

Zeiteninsel, member of EXARC, is a museum-to-be near Marburg in Germany. Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director and member of the Advisory Committee of Zeiteninsel came down to Marburg to see the project.

EXARC Digest 2016-2 went to print

We are happy to say, the second Digest of 2016 went to print recently. It will be posted to you in the second week of November. The autumn 2016 Digest is showcasing choice articles from EXARC Journal issues 2016/2 and 2016/3. The Digest brings samples from different parts of the globe, including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the United States...


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