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Oerlinghausen, a group of 15

In February 2001, the first European meeting was organised by the initiative group, in Oerlinghausen, Germany. Fifteen participants from six different countries convened. It was underlined again how much the archaeological museums have in common and how lonely they feel in their own environment. They are not seen as 'adult' by traditional museums...

Meetings in the Netherlands, Sweden & Denmark

Different meetings of national networks were visited, like for example VAEE in the Netherlands and the meeting of the Swedish NSLF. This association was founded on 26 October 1999 with Tomas Johansson as chair. He was also one of the three persons behind the beginnings of EXARC. Much later, by April 2007, this Swedish network changed into a more international approach with a new name, The Nordic Network for Archaeological open-Air Museums, NOOAM...

Hengelo Meeting

At the experimental archaeology conference Tagung in Berlin, Germany, October 1999, Martin Schmidt approached Roeland Paardekooper, mentioning that most experiments presented were actually done at archaeological open-air museums – so why don’t these museums have a network? There are much more issues relating these museums with each other...


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