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EXARCs bibliography temporarily offline

One of the first steps toward a new EXARC website will be moving the Bibliography on experimental archaeology and archaeological open-air museums away to the United States (tDAR) where we will change into a large repository. All 11,000 entries we have to start with will be re-edited manually, we will add files where we can find them and while we are at it, we will include more entries...

Podcast: cooking with archaeologists

Cooking with archaeologists is a blog & podcast about food, fieldwork, and stories. This time, Roeland Paardekooper from EXARC joined them to speak about his work with open-air museums, education, and archaeological tourism. Roeland’s passion for archaeology goes back several decades...

New blacksmith's forge opened in MAMUZ (AT)

The Celtic blacksmiths were much sought after in Europe because of their perfection. Early summer, an Iron Age type blacksmith’s workshop was constructed in the crafts area of the open-air site at MAMUZ Asparn/Zaya, not far from Vienna in Austria...

Upcoming Event: The EAA Conference in Vilnius

The annual conference of the European Association of Archaeologists takes place 31 August – 4 September in Vilnius (LT). There are dozens of sessions but two sessions stand out:
• TH1-29 Visualizing the Past. Exploring Meaningful Approaches in Interpreting the Archaeological Record through Illustrations and Reconstructions

Longhouse at Vikingabyn Storholmen (SE) burns down to the ground

Shortly before eleven o'clock on Thursday evening, June 17 emergency services arrived at a fire at Vikingabyn Storholmen not far from Stockholm, Sweden. The 120 square metre longhouse was burning...

EXARC Journal 2016-2 ready

Mid June and the second EXARC Journal Issue of 2016 is published. It contains 14 articles, of which eight are Mixed Matters and have been added on a weekly base over the previous months. These are open access and are book, festival and conference reviews as well as a discussion on using knives in archaeological open-air museums...

ICOM Milano

EXARC will join for the triannual convention of museum specialists in July in Milan (IT) where thousands of participants are expected. On July 6 particularly, a joint session will take place of ICOM NL, CECA, ICOMOS NL (Monuments and Sites), EXARC and ICOM MPR. The theme is “The Roman frontier along the River Rhine: the role of museums in revitalizing cultural landscapes”...

Thinktank on EXARCs future

An EXARC Board delegation, including Chair Bill Schindler, Treasurer Claus Detreköy and member Pascale Barnes met in the UK to discuss options for an EU grant for EXARC...

EXARC Journal Digest 2016-1 sent to the printer

After the last Digest, which was dedicated to the European OpenArch Project, we are returning to our usual format and bringing you a choice of articles from EXARC Journal issues 2015/3 to 2016/1. These issues discuss a number of topics concerning archaeological open-air museums, including the important questions of accessibility of open-air museums to the wide public and working with children and young people.

New EU Project application submitted

Led by Butser Ancient Farm, a consortium of about six EXARC members recently applied for EU funding for an adult learning project on volunteers in archaeological open-air museums. The project, by the name ‘Voluntarius’ includes both experienced and ‘new’ partners from the UK, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.


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