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EXARC Meeting and AGM 2016

About 25 members convened in Leiden, the Netherlands for a two-day meeting revolving around a discussion on EXARCs future. On 11 March our host was the Faculty of Archaeology, University of Leiden in the person of Prof. van Gijn. She showed us around through the different state of the art laboratories following on which Prof Schindler gave a presentation on how his team transformed a National Geographic reality show into a unique teaching and learning opportunity...

The EXARC Journal 2016/1 is out!

Among the members-only articles there is an inspirational article by Luke Winter on The Role of Fundamental Education in the Heritage Industry as well as experiments on burnt pig bone and Roman glass as well as...

EXARC Journal needs Reviewers

We review every article we publish in the EXARC Journal both on content and on language. For the articles on open-air museums as well as on interpretation we are looking for more reviewers...

African Origins

A group of researchers working in Africa has initiated the African Origins website for showcasing current research activities (see link below). It is an on-line meeting place for scientists studying the African human origins and evolution, where scientists can share ideas, questions and opinions, photos, links, news, blogs, etc. The web site design is conceived so that members can promote or share information related to research activities. Note the page with latest publications, and the RSS feed.
You are kindly invited to become a member too and participate. Enjoy!

Exhibition about Martinki

In certain parts of the Balkan (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova) there is a custom associated with the first day of March. It is called “Grandma March” Day. On this day typical red and white tassels, pom-poms or knit (braided) bracelets are exchanged, given to loved ones and they are worn pinned on clothing or tied on the wrist.

Video fragments from National Geographic: “The Great Human Race”

EXARCs Vice Chair and experimental archaeologist Bill Schindler co-stars in the National Geographic series “The Great Human Race” following in the footsteps of the first human beings.

Conference “Living History and Archaeology”

The conference “Living History and Archaeology” took place at Leiden University on 16 January 2016. Goal was to improve contact between the living history and the archaeological community...

EXARC Auction

EXARC will hold an auction to raise funds for its new website. We want to auction items from EXARC itself and from its members – the money goes to EXARC. How does it work?

Zeiteninsel in Germany receives 4.8 Million EUR

A few days before Christmas, ministers Rhein and Schäfer from the country Hessen, Germany officially handed over 4.78 million Euro to Weimar for the construction of the archaeological open-air museum Zeiteninsel...

Happy Holidays

EXARC wishes all its members happy Holidays. For most of us, the End of December is the time to conclude the year, look back and anticipate what is going to change in 2016. EXARC hosts a meeting in March in Leiden (NL) where members will discuss and decide what is important for EXARC for the near future. You are welcome to join us, more information at:


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