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EXARC Journal 2015-2 ready

Our second issue of the 2015 EXARC Journal is now published online. It contains 10 articles of which three are Mixed Matters (open access), and seven are for Members Only.
Several of the articles stem from a new themed Issue. This is about Craft and Skills in the OpenArch Project. More articles will follow in the course of 2015...

All aboard the Roman ship!

Most traces of the Roman history of the Netherlands have since disappeared. In Archeon (Alphen aan den Rijn) the past has been reconstructed and it is once again possible to experience the Roman period. On a daily basis thousands of children experience and learn this vital part of our history by interacting with life-size reconstructions.

Crowdfunding: Building a Lombard Hut (IT)

ARES - Archeologia, Reenacment e Storia (IT) is a cultural non-profit organization, which raises the aim of highlighting the history of their country. What ARES intends to do is to build a Lombard hut (Grubenhaus), using the methodologies of Imitative and Experimental Archaeology...

Symposium "40 Years Open Air Museum Düppel" Berlin

The Open Air Museum Düppel was founded in 1975, after excavations had uncovered the remains of a medieval settlement. The medieval house constructions were built directly on the archaeological features after they had been excavated and recorded...

Moral Support and a prospect for the Archaeological Centre Hitzacker

EXARC Director Roeland Paardekooper is member of the advisory council for the Archaeological Centre Hitzacker in Germany. Local discussion in this small municipality led to the advisory council suggesting a report would be made by an external specialist, Dr. Beate Bollmann from Oldenburg. This report is published here.

EXARC’s Bill Schindler starring in National Geographic Series

As co-star of “The Great Human Race,” a National Geographic Channel series being filmed around the globe, anthropology professor and Vice Chair of EXARC Bill Schindler will recreate the living conditions of our earliest ancestors. Set to air in 2016, the show will retrace the migratory route of our ancestors from the roots of humanity in Africa to the “New World” of North America...

Food and cooking in the Bronze age

News from EXARC's long time member in Ledro, Italy, Museo delle Palafitte del Lago di Ledro. One of their educators, Manuela Pernter, is graduating at Trento university, under the supervision of professor Annaluisa Pedrotti. The matter of her work is food and cooking in the Bronze age...

Megalithic Routes elects new Board

The Association Megalithic Routes is quite young, but has members in six countries. The group intends to make new routes along megalithic monuments and advertise these. Soon there will be no white spots on the map! February 26, the members of the association Megalithic Routes elected a new Chair and a new Treasurer. Both of them are partner in OpenArch...

2013 PR Book "Communication Strategy" available online

Based on our experience in PR for Archaeological Open-Air Museums in 2013 we wrote a manual on Communication and PR. It includes Strategies for Archaeological Open-Air Museums.

From March 1, 2015 it is available online.

New Iron Age house reconstructed in Spain

The Museo y Yacimiento Arqueológicos de las Eretas is situated in Navarra, Spain. Their goal is the dissemination about the Iron Age in Navarra. Archaeologist Mr. Javier Armendáriz, and arts technicia Mr. Fermín Ilundain worked hard with the archaeological remains found in the original site and other remains from different archaeological sites in...


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