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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/05

ICOM Milano 2016

EXARC will join for the triannual convention of museum specialists in July in Milan (IT) where thousands of participants are expected. On July 6 particularly, a joint session will take place of ICOM NL, CECA, ICOMOS NL (Monuments and Sites), EXARC and ICOM MPR...

Conference: Lifelong learning in open-air museums

New Journal online - 2016/2

Journal 2014/2 Open Access

Dates confirmed for EAC10

Crowdfunding for experiments

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/04

New EU Project Application Submitted

Led by Butser Ancient Farm, a consortium of six EXARC members recently applied for EU funding for an adult learning project on volunteers in archaeological open-air museums. ...

Reinventing EXARC

EXARC Auction

Please Pay Your Fees

The New EXARC Board

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/03

EXARC Journal, new issue out

We recently published the first EXARC Journal of the year, online; with 4 articles open access and 5 articles for members only...

EXARC Journal needs Reviewers

EXARC Auction going well

New EXARC Project

EXARC Annual General Meeting

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/02

EXARC meets in March

10-13 March, EXARC meets in Leiden (NL) to discuss its future. We will be a small but dedicated group and have important plans...

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/01

EXARC meets in March

10-13 March, EXARC meets in Leiden (NL) to discuss its future. We will be a small but dedicated group and have important plans...

Looking for EU Project Partners

EXARC Crowdfunding – reinventing EXARC

EXARC Auction

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2015/13

EXARC Crowdfunding – reinventing EXARC

It’s been a good year for the Association with many plans for the future. We intend to reinvent EXARC online as a true networking association. For this we need your help! Thanks to members and fans, we already got 500 USD together through different channels ...

Happy Holidays

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2015/12

EXARC Crowdfunding – reinventing EXARC

EXARC aims to reinvent itself. In five years, we tripled the number of members and we have 10 times as many visitors to our website. We need your support to raise funds for a new awesome interne presence...

Special Issue - OpenArch EXARC Digest Journal 2015-2 ready

Wanted: candidates for EU Projects

EXARC Online Journal 2015-4 publihed

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2015/11

EXARC Crowdfunding – reinventing EXARC

Five years ago, EXARC had about 80 members. With help of OpenArch we renewed our websites, Journal and social media early 2012 and see, by now we count 250 members in 30 countries! ...

EXARC invites to Leiden – round table meeting in March for all members

EXARC Journal Issue 2013-3 open access

Free online resources on museum docents & public

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2015/10

EXARC calls for more ERASMUS+ Strategic partnerships (KA2)

For the upcoming deadline of March 31st 2016, EXARC is looking for project leaders willing to start an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. EXARC will help setting up projects and also find project partners. We have external help which needs to be paid...

The relevance of archaeological open-air museums

Please Pay Your 2015 Fee

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2015/09

EXARC Director Paardekooper wins Museum Horizon Award 2015

The Winner of the 2015 Award is Dr Roeland Paardekooper for his dedicated work and significant contribution in professionalizing the role of archaeological open-air museums when it comes to financial management, interpretation and public relation.

EXARC Journal 2015-3 published

Please Pay Your 2015 Fee

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