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Oerlinghausen, February 16 2001


Members have to be dedicated to scientific research. You must have a high standard of knowledge and be aware of latest developments in archaeology.


Members should perform experiments or participate therein. Experiments have to be clearly documented and repeatable.


All techniques shown should be conducted by experienced and skilled people with appropriate materials and tools.


Members need to have reconstructions. You should be able to present the sources of your reconstructions. The presentation should meet high standards, regarding time-truth, materials and techniques. Members should release publications for different target groups, backed with own documentation and have to be open to the public. The presentation has to be both educative and communicative for the visitors, connecting past, present and future.


Members should aim for total quality management (TQM). They are responsible for training their own staff.


EXARC provides an exclusive website for members only, sharing any information. The time periods presented in the museums should not extend after 1492. The subject is limited to European Archaeological Cultures. (Note: the limations on time periods presented and the geographic limitation are abandonded in 2009).


Members should act responsibly concerning resources. Honesty about success and mistakes and self-criticism is expected of all members. The actions of the members should not be dedicated to specific political or religious aims. Members must cooperate with each other.

Quality label

A quality label will be established, exclusively for members.

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