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The EXARC Office consists of four people who are appointed and supervised by the EXARC Board.
Phone: (31) 85-8770144

Rewarding Policy EXARC Secretariat
Following the EXARC Bylaws, Paragraph 7.1.4, EXARC Secretariat Members may get a volunteer reimbursement following general rules as formulated by Dutch law.
Secretariat Members also get their costs (travel and subsistence) covered when attending selected meetings or conferences where they act on behalf of EXARC. For those reimbursements count: only actually incurred, reasonable, costs are covered and claims need to be accompanied by receipts.

Roeland PaardekooperEXARC Director: Dr Roeland Paardekooper (DE)

Together with Martin Schmidt and Tomas Johansson, I sat down years ago to start EXARC. By now, I oversee the daily activities, keep contact with the EXARC members and the EXARC Board as well as with affiliate organisations, interest groups on experimental archaeology or initiatives for a new archaeological open-air museum. I answer questions, follow up on requests for information and start cooperation projects where possible. Last but not least, I advice EXARC members at request and help with keeping the EXARC JOURNAL and website up to date.

Magdalena ZielinskaEXARC Design & Administration: Magdalena Zielińska BA (NL)

I have been involved with EXARC from its beginnings. My responsibilities have grown since then, from making a small website end of 2002 to a few more websites over the years and all graphic design products, including two corporate identities. From 2011 on, I am also responsible for designing the EXARC JOURNAL on line and the EXARC JOURNAL Digest (printed version). Besides this, I work on the daily EXARC administration incl bookeeping and the secretarial work.

Katerina DvorákováEXARC JOURNAL Editor-in-chief: Mgr J. Katerina Dvoráková (UK)

I gained my first experience with publishing while studying at university in the mid 1980's. I became involved with the original Czech REA from its second number and have been at the foundation of EuroREA, now the EXARC JOURNAL. I overview the preparation of it. Among others that means answering questions from contributors, co-ordinating the work of all our editors, keeping contact with reviewers, sending out proofs and discussing issues with our designer.

Jodi Reeves FloresEXARC Digital Collections Manager: Dr Jodi Reeves Eyre (USA)

I have worked with EXARC since 2010 and currently manage the EXARC Experimental Archaeology Collection. I am also a co-founder of Eyre & Israel, LLC, which provides research, editing, and digital curation consulting for non-profits, non-fiction publishers and authors, and cultural organizations. My work promotes the preservation of cultural heritage and explores perceptions about the past and social memory. I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork (UK, Italy, and Denmark), conducted archaeological fieldwork (UK, US, and Greece), woven on models of ancient Greek looms, and painted people blue. I hold a PhD in archaeology from the University of Exeter.

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