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The ancient town of Kernave is reborn!

Kind of Event
Market / Fair

Old Kernavė comes to life.

The first of a series of events throughout the summer.

In 1390, after the last burning of Kernavė, more than just walls and things perished. Traditions and crafts, passed from generation to generation, have disappeared. More than 600 years had to pass before they could be revived again.

On May 30th and 31st, the restored homesteads of medieval Kernavė will come alive with voices and sounds of working people. Many craftsmen from all corners of Lithuania will travel to Kernavė to rekindle this town back to life.

This weekend we will have some members of Pajauta club performing crafts in our open-air museum, such as historical foods, a blacksmith, a jeweler, a birch-bark worker, leather worker, tailor and felt maker, ....