Calendar of Events

Beadmakers Meeting at Ribe VikingCenter

Organised by
Thomas Risom

1300 years ago, the fret beadmakers came to Ribe, to make ari trade their beautiful Glass beads. 
During the last week in June 2019, the Viking beadmakers will be back - at the VikingCenter in Ribe, ready to re-enact history! It will be two days of hard work and a lot of fun building furnaces, melting glass and making beads - just like they did more than 1300 years ago. Bendmakers, pack your Vilong gear and come join us all at the first Beadmakers meet in a thousand years!

When: Friday June 28th, 7.00 Pid to Sunday June 30th. 5.00 PM
Where: Ribe VikingeCenter, Lustrupvej 4, 6760 Ribe, Denmark
Cost: 200 DEK a person. This includes breakfast, “D.I.Y-lunchpack” (food will be provided) and a Viking meal on Saturday evening (beverages not inctuded). The evening meal on Friday is NOT included. There will be a lecture on Friday evening by the archaeologist in charge of several Ribe excavations, Claus Feveile. who will talk and exhibit some of the Viking period glass beads recovered.

There is only room for 20 Vikings at this meeting, therefore it 1s a “first come, first serve". When you do sign up, please let us know if you will be able to lend our dear Viking- mistress a hand with her Vilang dinner preparations on Saturday - the feast on Saturday evening depends on it...


Doors open from 3.30 PM
Put up your tent and dress in your Viking clothes
Make your own dinner
7 PM Claus Feveille ia giving lecture about the beads found in Ribe.

10 AM Breakfast and make your own hinch-pack
11 AM Light up the furnaces and start working
During the day everybody is doing a short presentation of the furnace, tools etc
5 PM Preparing the Viking-dinner in the Longhouse
6 PM Dinner in the Longhouse -bring your own plate and what you want to drink.
During the day, we need a few volunteers to help preparing the Viking dinner

10 AM Breakfast and make your own lunch-pack
11 AM Light up the furnaces and start working
3 PM Donate yous most beautiful bead
4 PM Where do we go from here? And who is Beadmaker of the year
5 PM Thank you for being here - see you next year