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Beltane Celebration

Event date: 
Sunday, 30 April, 2017
Kind of Event: 
for Public

Beltane is one of the most important dates in the Celtic calendar. Join us for this very special day of storytelling, ceremonial fire, garland-making and skills demonstrations.

We invite you to join our Beltane celebration: bring a blossom along with you to decorate the Crannog and add to our wild flowers and foilage for garlands and crowns.

Beltane marks a time when livestock were put out to pasture, rituals were performed to protect cattle, crops and people from harm and to encourage growth during the summer months. Bonfires were lit, feasts prepared and offerings made. Flowers were used to decorate homes, cattle and byres.

In early May we mark the discovery of ancient light sticks, used like candles, made from resinous pine. They may have been used to light ceremonial fires or brighten a dim corner in the Crannog and many were burnt at both ends. They are the only pine artefacts discovered so far from Oakbank Crannog.

All day time events include museum exhibits, talks around a log-fire in the Crannog roundhouse, demonstrations and hands-on experience of ancient crafts and technologies.

10:30h - 16:30h

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