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Bronze Casting Festival 2017

Event date: 
Monday, 22 May, 2017 to Sunday, 28 May, 2017
Kind of Event: 
for Professionals

A new annual historical bronze casting event at the Bronzezeithof in Uelsen, Germany. A festival for bronze casters to meet, exchange knowledge, work together on castings and experiments, discuss methods and also just have a good time together. The festival is organized by the Bronzezeithof and in particular by Martijn van Es, as the regular bronze caster at the Bronzezeithof.

For whom?
For people actively involved in historical methods of bronze casting, who are interested in working with other bronze casters and willing to exchange knowledge and ideas. In principle methods from any historical period can be used as long they’re not too modern (so no electrical/gas furnaces for example). So let’s say from the Bronze Age up-to the 19th century.
In principle you can bring other people along, but there’s a maximum of (about) 40 participants. People actively involved in bronze casting (casters and helpers) have priority over other people. Also if there are enough casters, the Bronzezeithof would like to limit demonstrations in the weekend to bronze casting only. Exceptions can be made, just ask. If you’re staying off-grounds (see below), you’re of course welcome to bring partners, children and so on. When in doubt, ask.

From Monday May 22nd till Sunday May 27. This is the week of Ascension Day which is a public holiday on Thursday in a lot of the European countries. From Monday – Friday it will be a private event, open only for participants. On Saturday and Sunday the venue will be open to the public and we can give casting demonstrations.
You are free to decide which days you want to take part, you don’t have to be there the whole week, but we would appreciate it if most participants can be there from Thursday till Sunday. Taking a day of during the festival is no problem whatsoever.

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