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Comb Weaving or Bronze Casting

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Comb Weaving

Course objective: Weave a border using comb weaving technique

Course content: Introduction to ribbon weaving technology. The weaving comb is covered with wool or linen thread and a braid is woven.

Historical background: Colorful trimmings using grid weaving or comb weaving techniques are documented by the finds from the Iron Age salt mining in Hallstatt. Weaving combs made of bone are also known from the Roman finds, for example from England. The ribbons from Hallstatt come as narrow trimmings that were sewn onto the main fabric as an ornament. There is a wide band from Hallstatt that may have been used as a belt or lanyard.

Instructor: Helga Rosel-Mautendorfer
Course duration: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Course costs: 50 euros
Material contribution: 25 euros (weaving comb, boat, wool, documents)

Bronze Casting

Course objective: Cast your own bronze object.

Course content: At the workshop, each participant creates his own mold, into which the liquid bronze is poured. However, post-processing is also necessary to turn the blank into a shiny gold piece.

Historical background: bronze looks confusingly like gold. The earliest bronze objects come from the Near East. All of them are prestige objects that were usually made in gold. Its material properties made bronze a coveted raw material for tools, jewelry and weapons for thousands of years.

Instructor: Lukas J. Kerbler, MA
Course duration: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Course costs: 145 euros
Material contribution: 35 euros

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