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EAD21 - Beauty and Fashion through the Centuries

Kind of Event
Market / Fair
the Netherlands

From tunic to haute couture: On the 19th and 20th of June, all the beauty of our history will be showcased in the preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven.

10.000 years of fashionistas

During midsummer, the preHistorisch Dorp focuses on the world of beauty and fashion and invites you on a journey through 10.000 years of fashionistas.

Put on your finest (historic) costume and enjoy:

  • Seeing fashion shows putting all eras on display
  • Dressing yourself in clothes from various seasons
  • Trying a prehistoric, Roman, or medieval haircut on for size
  • Visiting the beauty salon, make jewelry, and ask a fashion oracle any questions you may have
  • Taking part in our competition for the most beautiful historically correct costume (more info to follow)
  • Shopping at the market and make or wear your own costume!

At the inn Den Bonten Os you will be able to enjoy the most delicious drinks and bites which are currently in fashion.

Always in fashion

Did you know that …

  • Even the earliest people would adorn themselves with beads, shells, and pieces of amber which they sewed on their clothing?
  • Especially in the Burgundian period (1361 – 1477), a lot of money was spent on fashion in the Lowlands? The dukes were renowned for being the most influential and lavish of the west (Western Europe).
  • People from (pre)historic times did not just wear grey and brown rags? Colorful clothing and being well dressed were of great importance and showed one’s status (and your wealth)

Due to the corona restrictions, there are a maximum number of tickets available. Only the quickest fashion kings and queens will be assured they can enter.

Choose to visit in the morning or afternoon:

From 09:30 till 13:00

From 13:30 till 17:00