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European Archaeology Days

open for all
Czech Republic

Let's be one of the first institutions in the Czech Republic to be a part of the European Archaeology Days 2019. We will introduce archaeology as an important scientific field. You will learn about the specific work of an archaeologist, about selected archaeological findings and the essentials of protecting archaeological heritage. You can search for relics of a specific period in a simulated archaeological site, put together "broken" pottery or wooden building blocks of a log house, learn about the burial means in the early Middle Ages using a model of a skeleton grave, decorate your own pottery using ancient ornaments, make your own clay amulet according to the prehistoric templates from the Burkovák u Nemějice archaeological site and discover other archaeological locations around Zeměráj. The event also includes a complex live interpretation of the lives of inhabitants in an early medieval Slavic village, in the Archaeological Open-Air Museum.

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Kovářov 201
398 55 Kovářov
South Bohemia
Czech Republic