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Fairytales for Grown-ups - 7 Princesses

Event date: 
Saturday, 22 April, 2017
Kind of Event: 
for Public

Performance storytelling by Xanthe Gresham-Knight
Music by Arash Moradi
19:30h - 22:15h

‘When night poured out its silken sack of musky black, King Bahrum, overcome by wine and love, asked the Black Princess with eyes like a gazelle, to open up her treasure box and tell him a tale….’ So begins the first of seven playful, poetic, and often deeply erotic tales.

Xanthe Gresham and Arash Moradi serve up a wild Persian fairytale. A labyrinthine epic of secret rooms, impatient passions, clever women, wigs, and a prince who wrestled his crown from the teeth of two wild lions to become King.

Nizami, one of the best loved Iranian epic poets, wrote The Seven Princesses or ‘Haft Paykar’ in the 12th century AD, influencing generations of poets and storytellers across the world.

Join us for this remarkable show by two superb performers…

‘Vivid, magical & occasionally very bizarre’ EVERYTHING THEATRE

‘a truly great storyteller, you’ll leave with something beautiful created in your own mind’ BRITISH THEATRE REVIEW

TICKETS: £10 adults / £5 children 12+
BOX OFFICE: 01202 888 992

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