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Flint Knapping

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Course objective: production of various Danubian arrowhead types from the period from the Neolithic to the Middle Bronze Age.

Course content: presentation of the work processes, preparation of the basic shapes, i.e. tees, blades and slats made of flint, arrowhead production (3-4 pieces per person) with tools made of stone, antlers and copper, the shafting of an arrowhead with tendon and pitch.

Historical background: flint arrowheads were mass-produced here until the late Bronze Age. Various arrowheads from line band ceramics, Lengyel culture, Baden culture, bell beaker culture etc. serve as models. There was a lively trade with the various types of flint and obsidian. The most widespread forms of these times were cuts from core stones, which were cut off with hammer stones or antler clubs, furthermore flat, triangular tips with a concave base, which were printed with antler or copper awl.

Instructor: Toth Zoltan Henrik
Course duration: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Course costs: 120 euros
Material contribution: 90 euros; the course instructor provides tools and protective clothing (gloves, glasses, dust masks), a wide range of Danubian materials (various hornstones, flint stones, radiolarites, Carpathian obsidian, etc.) and keeps also enough semi-finished products - in case a participant struggles a bit with the tee and blade production - and, for later, 1 easy to edit piece, tempered flint ready for each participant. The tips are then glued onto the notched shaft ends reinforced with tendon bandage with pitch.