Calendar of Events

Grand Knight's Spectacle

open for all
the Netherlands

Get your toy swords and shields out of the closet: In the weekend of 17 and 18 August, the prehistoric village is completely devoted to knights. These knights never travel alone: ​​they are accompanied by their squires, ladies and housekeeping. Entertainment is provided by the best acrobats from Sweden, medieval musicians and many other characters from the 15th century. Don't miss the shows and fighting demonstrations of the knights!

The sensational knight's spectacle for young and old starts every day at 10:00. Six times a day the knights come together in the arena for a tournament or a weapon demonstration. A spectacular battle with swords and spears will cause a lot of clash. Watch the shining armor and cheer for your favorite knight. Children can learn to fight with swords and shoot with bow and arrow.

Discover the daily life of knights in the 15th century: the medieval era of the Prehistoric Village is transformed into a camp with knights and other historical residents. Do you know how many parts a knight has to put on every day? What did they eat or do one day? Discover all kinds of medieval skills and customs among the residents. The puppeteer and musicians entertain young and old on the medieval market square.

At the end of the afternoon, on Saturday, August 17, a delicious barbecue in medieval atmospheres will be presented. Do reserve a spot and join your friends or family for special dishes from the grill. We assume that we will barbecue outside in the medieval market square in the evening sun. Costs for this are € 25 (excluding entrance and drinks).