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From the hazelnut to the wattle fence

Kind of Event

Active weekend in the MAMUZ ASPARN / ZAYA 

The MAMUZ offers on Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2nd an Active Program in which visitors can look back on the millennia-old tradition of wattle fence production. The technology can be tried together with the renewing of the wicker fence around the Neolithic longhouse in the archaeological outdoor area. Under expert guidance, the participating museum guests collect braiding material, cut twigs and braid them with some manual skill into a sturdy fence.

Fences have been used to delimit property since the Neolithic Age. As braiding material hazel branches or branches of willow were mostly used, as these woods are particularly flexible and supple.

Participation in the Active Program is free of charge and included in the admission fee for the entire MAMUZ included.

Registration at is absolutely necessary.

Legal safety and hygiene measures to protect visitors will be adhered to. 

Every first weekend of the month, MAMUZ Asparn / Zaya Castle offers an exciting active weekend in the archaeological outdoor area, where life in prehistory up close can be modeled. Under expert guidance, ancient hunting methods, handicraft techniques, recipes or survival tricks can be tried.