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Re-enactment and Heritage: the necessary quality

Event date: 
Friday, 7 April, 2017
Organised by: 
Marco Valenti
Kind of Event: 
for Professionals

Marco Valenti is currently organizing a seminar on historical reconstruction. It will take place on 17 April 2017 at the University of Sienna. The title of the seminar will be: HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTIONS FOR TELLING DAILY LIFE: FROM SOURCES TO NARRATION.
“Everything has to make sense in the narration one intends to carry on and that is the focal point of every doing. otherwise the innovative and constructive force of re-enactment gets mortified by trashiness”.

The program is still in a drafting phase, just like the poster, serving only for this preliminary launching of the event but the following talks will be presented:

# Gioal Canestrelli, President of the Experimental Archaeology Institute “Fianna apPalug”: exploring the varied reality of Barcide context: a journey through the archaeological, iconographic and literary sources.

# Gabriele Zorzi, President of the Association “La Fara”: The reconstruction of Lombard grave goods for public understanding purposes. The preserved items: metals, wood, bones and pottery

# Irene Barbina, Association “La Fara”: The reconstruction of Lombard grave goods for public understanding purposes. The inferred items: fabrics, between material data and sources crosschecking.

# Anna Attiliani, President of the Cultural Association “Civitas Alidosiana”: Reconstructing on the basis of sources: the case of the Apothecary of Diotaiuti

The discussion will be attended by several colleagues (archaeologists and historians). We are waiting for confirmations, but among them, we expect: Gabriella Piccinni, Franco Cambi, Vasco La Salvia, Duccio Balestracci and Elena Percivaldi.

Soon Mr Valenti will give further communication on the evolution of the seminar.
It will definitely be streamed live and proceedings with the papers and discussions are expected to be published. An exchange of views between professional researchers and quality re-enactors has now to be considered as one of the ways to follow, in view of a commitment to archaeological sites, museums and archaeological open-air museums where experientiality is pursued.

This is an action of the PRIN (Project of National Relevant Interest) “Future Archaeology. Theory and practice of public archaeology for knowledge, protection and enhancement, participation, social cohesion and sustainable development”.

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