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Romans Conquer the Prehistoric Village

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the Netherlands

During the weekend of 19 and 20 September, discover what life was like in the Netherlands in Roman times in the preHistorisch Dorp. March with the soldiers, have your hair braided like a Roman lady or visit our Roman massage parlor. 

Even if you break a leg on the way, you can still go to the Romans: they will tell you everything about Roman medicine! The Hospitallers are also there to show you what their life was like during the Crusades. 

During your journey through time you will also encounter different inhabitants from history: hunters and collectors in prehistoric times, the very first farmers or a medieval city dweller. They are ready to tell you everything about the period in which they live. Would you rather do something? Then you are in the right place during the weekend in the preHistorisch Dorp. Sometimes you make your own bracelet out of felt, other times you can make fire and every weekend you get the chance to shoot the bow yourself. If you can't choose, you just do it all!

Den Bonten Os Inn on the medieval market square is open daily to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger.