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The Vikings & Slavs are coming!

On the Slav Days in the Oldenburg Wall Museum, more than four hundred warriors, traders and artisans from all over Europe will meet on July 21 and 22, reviving the 9th and 10th centuries in all its facets: blacksmiths will turn artful knives, yarns, out of red hot iron and cloths are dyed in plant soils, silversmiths and glass bead makers make precious jewelry. At the market stalls, there are a variety of goods to buy that are not only for enthusiasts.

Highlights of the program include the demonstrations of clothing and armament of the Vikings and Slavs, the great battles. Stand in the middle of it and not just when warriors try to conquer the castle of "Starigard". Fighters land in ships and storm the Wallgate, while the desperate defenders man the castle wall and try to repulse the attackers with spears and stones.

For adults and children, a wide program is offered to get involved: this year is the new demonstration of falconers.

Try archery or listen to the musical sounds of the "silent". Children can rally the medieval settlements or listen to ancient stories. In addition, guests are invited to try different medieval crafts themselves. And, of course, there is plenty of food and a wide range of sweets and savors.

Come to the Wall Museum and discover the Slavs in you!