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Workshop: Bronze Flows

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In this weekend seminar, you will make your own piece of jewelry or a bronze tool. The fascinating material is the first metal that people used in the Bronze Age (from 2,000 BC) for the production of weapons, tools and jewelry. On the first day you will learn the basics of making a mold. Together with our course instructor, each participant makes their own mold. Then it gets really hot: In a melting pot, copper and tin are melted in the clay forge and poured into the molds provided. Now it's time to elicit the beautiful shiny gold surface from the cast object. With instructions on how to rework the blank, each participant succeeds in creating an individual, unique piece. The objects can of course be taken home.

Costs: 185,- p. P. (incl. use of material and tools)
Participants: at least 2, max. 6 participants;
Minimum age from 16 years
Registration deadline: July 08, 2022, please inquire after that.

Repeat on 3/4 September.

Further dates are also possible by arrangement