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Young EXARC: Recreate the Art of Printing

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Want to be part of a new community, open to early career professionals and younger generations? Are you interested in museum practice, experimental archaeology, traditional technology or/and interpretation? Looking to meet and exchange ideas with peers, share your work and interests, and discover new things? Then EZARC is what you're looking for!

Come join in on Saturday 17 January 2021 18:30h Amsterdam time.

As a young student it can be difficult to know how to approach an experimental archaeological centre with ideas on experiments you are excited to try out. How do you make the first initial steps towards making a request to a museum? It can feel a bit intimidating. You may have heard the name of some of the professionals working there, you might have read their articles and know of their research – or they have given a lecture at your university. But it still can be a bit difficult to make the first step.

Young EXARC is trying to build the bridge between the professionals, the open-air museums and young researchers and students. Therefore we have teamed up with some of the professionals at the institutions to give a presentation of their work place, themselves and how both sides can benefit from a mutual understanding and co-operation.

This evening in our “young EXARC" talks, Jorge Lar will present from his backgrounds at the Middelaldercentret, his experience with ancient technology and live interpretation. His talk is titled: The printing press and the medieval printed book.

Printing using moveable type was a revolution that changed the world. The first printed European books were made in the city of Mainz, Germany, in the mid 1450s. A handful of materials and techniques had to be ingeniously adapted for this purpose. More than 550 years later, how does one recreate the art of printing?... Tune in to discover how we have built an interpretation of a late 15th-century printing press, how we used it to print a book in letterpress, and why that still matters in the 21st-century.

Follow this link to enter Discord where the presentation will commence: Once you click, you are prompted to present yourself in 1, 2 sentences and then one of us will let you in. The virtual pub will be open afterwards where we can meet and talk and get to know each other a bit better.