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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/10
EAC10 Conference – registration now openEAC10 Conference – registration now open

We are happy to announce, registration for the International Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC10, in April 2017 in Leiden (NL), is open.
We expect a three-day full programme with papers, posters, pizza and excursions. Reduced fees for EXARC members are 60 EUR for full members and 45 EUR for student members. The excursion is another 40 EUR.

More information HERE

EU websites

Over the years, EXARC hosted several websites of EU projects. We have now secured and archived these data. These are the project websites:

These sites will remain online till at least 2021. A page with the main products of the EU projects EXARC had can be found HERE

EXARC Digest 2016-2 printed EXARC Digest 2016-2 printed

The second Digest of 2016 is ready. It will be posted to you in the second week of November.
The autumn 2016 Digest is showcasing choice articles from EXARC Journal issues 2016/2 and 2016/3. The Digest brings samples from different parts of the globe, including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the United States.
All articles published in the Digest are also online, in a longer version, mostly for members only. You will find them HERE.
Let us know if you lost your password and we provide it for you.

Wanted: EAA session organisers

At the meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) in September 2017 in Maastricht several EXARC related sessions will be organised:

  • Alternative approaches in experimental archaeology
  • An archaeological approach to live interpretation
  • (Re)construction of larger buildings based on archaeology

Presently we are looking for co-organisers for the last of these sessions as well as papers for all three. Please contact the EXARC secretariat:

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director
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