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Alessandro Peinetti MA

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I’m a PhD student at University Paul Valéry - Montpellier III (France). My current research focus on spatial organization of western Mediterranean (South France and Italy) Late Neolithic / Early Bronze Age settlements from a geoarchaeological point of view (in particular soil micromorphology). I’ve been involved in experimental archaeology since 2010, with firsts experiments on the effect of fire on soil and earthen materials. I’m especially interested in building technology experimentation. From 2014, I take part with Claudia Speciale and Kati Caruso to an experimental project focused on wattle and daub technology. During my Master degree I’ve also participate to several experimental activity in Solarolo (Italy) with Pr. Maurizio Cattani (University of Bologna) and Roberto Deriu. In the future I want to explore the applications of micromorphology in high controlled experimental areas, in order to recognize activity markers and for a better understanding of formation processes of the archaeological record.

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