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Colden D. Hershey MA

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United States

Graduated with Bible and History degree, B.S. in 1998

Graduated with Bible and History degrees B.A. in 1999 with a minor in Greek.

Graduated with Master’s Degree in Ancient History in 2009. Master Thesis Topic: Rome's Northern Empire.

Started with Legio XIIII Living History group in 2005.

Started and services in 2009.

Started Castra Ministries ( in 2013.

Teach United States History at Baptist College of Ministry from 2014-current.

Taught Historical Writing Methods 2015

Taught Biblical Archaeology Methods at Masters Training Institute, 2002

Taught Old Testament Survey at Masters Training Institute in 2009

Taught Life of Christ at Masters Training Institute, 2012

Teaching Ancient Roman workshop series for ages 4-18.

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