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Prof. Dr Aidan O'Sullivan

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Prof. Dr Aidan O'Sullivan is an associate professor at UCD School of Archaeology, University College Dublin, Ireland. Amongst other things he is:

• Director of the UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Ancient Technologies, at UCD School of Archaeology, University College Dublin, where he teaches 2 undergraduate courses in experimental archaeology and has supervised several PhDs and MA students with an emphasis on experimental archaeology.

• He co-ordinates the 'UCD experimental Archaeology' Facebook group with c850 members around the world, linking Irish experimental archaeologists with colleagues everywhere.

• He will be a co-organiser of the 9th Experimental Archaeology conference, to be held at University College Dublin, January 16-18 2015.

• He has previously been an academic adviser to the Irish National Heritage Park, at Ferrycarrig, Co. Wexford, Ireland (particularly on aspects of their early medieval and Viking Age reconstructions) and is a member of EXARC.

His research expertise focuses on the archaeology and history of early medieval and Viking Age Ireland, in its northwest European context, AD 400-1100 and on wetland and maritime archaeology and environments globally, and on experimental archaeology. He is the author of 9 books and over 70 scientific papers and articles.

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