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José Miguel Gallego Cañamero

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My name is José Miguel Gallego Cañamero. I'm archaeologist since 1995, licensed by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Specialized in Iberian Culture and in Experimental Archaeology, basically in architectonic one, although I've developed different projects linked with iron metallurgy during Antiquity too, and with ancient Iberian weaponry. I started m y first experimental project in 2005 with the construction of an Iberian house of mud bricks in Segeda settlement (Zaragoza). From that moment, I co-direct annually an experimental reconstruction campaign that last year finished with presentation of "La Casa del Lagar de Segeda", a Celtiberian centre of wine production during II cent. B. C. By other way, recently, I've directed the experimental reconstruction of the Terrassa iron reduction oven, and the Ainet de Besan iron reduction oven. Also, in this moment, I'm developing a study about Iberian weaponry based on its recreation and its experimentation that will be the first that has been ever made in Spain, in collaboration with Ibercalafell, an Iberian reenactment group. Soon, I'll start the construction of other experimental iron reduction oven, and I'm redacting a project that wants to be the first in Spain that will show the entire process of iron production during Iberian times. I would like to publish the conclusions of these experimentations and offer new perspectives about the Iberian cultures to the community.

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