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Gaynor Wood BA MSc

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United Kingdom

BA (hons) Archaeology, MSc Osteology, Paleopathology & Funerary Archaeology, FHEA.

I have been a field archaeologist in the past and have worked on a variety of British sites including the Cheshire bog man, Wharram Percy, Yorkshire, Tanners Row, York etc. and various sites run by Liverpool University. I have also worked in a range of museums
including Norton Priory in Cheshire, Warrington Museum in Cheshire, and the British Museum.

Currently I am employed as a Senior Lecturer in Employability & Enterprise at the University of Central Lancashire, although I am also an Associate Lecturer for the Archaeology department. I am especially interested in pedagogic approaches, particularly teaching through Problem Based Learning. As part of the role I am undertaking a PhD which looks at employability and enterprise within the experimental and experiential archaeology communities.

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