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Jaap Hogendoorn

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Jaap Hogendoorn, Springlevend Verleden (Alive and kicking past)
Organiser, producer, storyteller, craftsman, builder, fighter.
I am multi-disciplined in very different trades. From building and artefact reconstructions to putting up big shows. From small crafts demonstration to full-blown (pre) historical festivals. I do it all. Started at the age of 15 doing Iron Age living history. After this, I work at Archeon for 16 years doing all sorts of crafts demonstrations. My last eight years in Archeon I work as coordinator reconstructions, theatre and staff trainings. I now have experience working in different historical periods and crafts. Presently, my reach is Mesolithic up until the 16th century and everything in between. My focus (at the moment) is on gladiator combat, historical theatre, (medieval) woodworking, event organising and wood oven builds.

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