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Lucia Ros

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Hi there!

I’m a lively, driven, passionate person with a hunger for education and challenges. I want to learn about everything that has my interest (which is… pretty much everything) and I love to cooperate with people and educate them. Besides this, I love doing experiments and making stuff for myself and others, all in (pre)historic settings!

I have a background in theatre as well. For 12 years now I have learned, performed, teached, gave workshops and directed a lot. Besides my prehistoric and theatrical interests I also love to fight as a gladiatrice. You can find more information about that (and prehistory) when you scroll down.

Ever since my employment at Archeon (Historical Theme Park in the Netherlands), my love for archaeology, in exception prehistory, has grown massively. I walk around in prehistoric clothing (from Mesolithic – Iron Age), give tours, lead activities and much more on a daily basis.
I am also one of the three coordinators of the Prehistoric era at this beautiful park.

A few experiences
In the last couple of years I have learned and practiced a lot of (unusual) skills about the daily existence of mankind. I learned skills such as:

- Skinning and tanning animal (skins)
- Making fire (fire bow, flint and iron, marcasite and flint)
- Using plant fibres to make hats, bags, clothing and so on
- Flint knapping
- Prehistoric cooking
- Spinning wool and linen
- Weaving
- Needle binding
- Baking pottery
- Plant knowledge
- Bronze casting
- And much more

And I work on a daily basis with bone, antler, horn, wood, plant fibres, bark, wool, flint and bronze!

In my first two years of Archeon, I fought in the arena as a gladiatrice (female gladiator). My fellow women fighters and I started a group and did some shows on different locations in The Netherlands. Unfortunately we split up, but my love for fighting stayed. Now I still fight with my dear friend from England, (from the group Legio Secunda Augusta) every time she is in Archeon. Hopefully, I can start up a new gladiatrice group within a few years.

Other experiences
Besides learning inside Archeon, I have learned a lot outside.
Last year (July 2014), my colleague and I went on a trip to Denmark. We were invited to the Athra Gathering, in Sagnlandet Lejre. We lived together with people from all over the world in a prehistoric setting, teaching new skills to each other and entertained the visitors.
It was a great success. Therefore, my colleague and I are going again this year.
Directly after this week, we went to the Stone Age Centre in Albersdorf. We attended a conference there a few years ago, and wanted to meet up again. We made it into a Staff Exchange for 3 days. We have written a report which you can find on the EXARC website.

Another experience was about the Romans...
In 2014 I went to Caerleon (Wales) with my friends from the group Legio Secunda Augusta. We were there for a weekend to show people how romans lived. My English friend and I fought there in an actual Roman Amphitheatre!

In 2012 I visited a conference for the first time. It was a project called Zeitgeist and it was held in Oerlinghausen (DE). Since then I have attended more conferences. Most of them through Archeon, but also a few on my own. The latest conference I attended, was the EAC 9 in Dublin (January 2015).
I visit the "Stone Age day" that has been held in the Netherlands every year and I am also a member of the VAEE (a group for Experimental Archaeology and Education).

I can’t wait to attend more conferences, learn more and meet you all!

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