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Experimental Archaeology Laboratory UAM (ES)

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Official Goal of our organisation is teaching and research in Prehistory and Archaeology by using experimental methodologies.

For more than 25 years the Laboratorio de Arqueología experimental (LAEX) have developed courses in relation to the experimental archaeology.
Our lab has been working with different faculties in the organization of educational and research projects , and maintains close relations with American and European EA centers. An example is the journal Bulletin of Experimental Archaeology or the organization of the International Congress of Experimental Archaeology.
Its activity also complements the development of scientific dissemination such as Semana de la Ciencia or the installation of the Center for Experimental Archaeology at Atapuerca.

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Laboratorio de Arqueologia Experimental UAM
c/ Tomas y Valiente s/n, dep. Prehistoria. Facultad Filosofía, Campus de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid
(34) 91 4978438

People Behind

Vice-president of Experimenta asociation, Director of the laboratory and Professor of Prehistory at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid- Spain


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