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2017 April - EAC10: Accommodation & Travel

Recommended Hotels

Most of the hotels listed below are already booked. Another suggestion is:

Hotel Mayflower (Beestenmarkt 3, Leiden)

Hotel IBIS Leiden Centre (Stationsplein 240, Leiden)

Rembrandt Hotel (Nieuwe Beestenmarkt 10, Leiden)

Hampshire Hotel - Fitland Leiden (Bargelaan 180, Leiden, right behind the Central Station)

Golden Tulip (Schipholweg 3, Leiden)

City Hotel Nieuw Minerva (Boommarkt 23, Leiden)


Fly to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and take a train from there, which brings you in 20 minutes to Leiden. Trains run every 15 minutes. Alternative airports are Eindhoven and Rotterdam, each well connected to Leiden by public transport.

The Faculty of Archaeology

When in Leiden, you can travel to the Van Steenis building (Leiden University), Einsteinweg 2, 2333 CC Leiden, by bus, bike or on foot from Leiden Central Station (20 min walk).

Line 30 or 31 direction Katwijk (Stop: Verbeekstraat),
Line 250 direction Lisse (Stop: Verbeekstraat)
Line 221 direction Noordwijk, ZH (Stop: Plesmanlaan)
Line 2 direction Station de Vink (Stop: Jan Luykenlaan)
Line 43 direction Den Haag (Stop: Trambaan)


Leiden houses the oldest university of the Netherlands as well as about 120,000 inhabitants. It is situated close to Amsterdam airport and for that matter, close to Amsterdam.

The Leiden Tourist information, close to Central Station:


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