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2017 April - Tenth Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC10, Leiden (NL) - Excursion

The Conference excursion will take us to Eindhoven and Vlaardingen. We leave 8:30h by coach from Leiden and will be back shortly before 19:00h. Lunch, coffee & tea are all included.

The Prehistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven is one of the oldest archaeological open-air museums of the Netherlands, started in 1982 by Anneke Boonstra. They have an Iron Age part with two large farms, a smithy and several smaller buildings on the waterfront. Besides that, they have a medieval part with a pub and three other large buildings. All buildings are based on local/regional archaeological examples. Both parts are used for educational programs as well as craft demonstrations and living history. The director will welcome us, following on which we will do some of the programs with enough chance to ask about the backgrounds and the why. The lunch which they will serve us will be made of local products. After this there is enough chance to explore the museum on your own.
The second stop is at Broekpolder Vlaardingen, near the Rotterdam harbours. Here we will get coffee / tea. We will visit a large park where one plans an archaeological open-air museum with buildings from all periods of the local past. The first building, a Stone Age house, was built in close cooperation with Leiden University. Colleagues from university will explain all about that, but equally important is the story about this unique initiative: it is coming from the local population itself, a community initiative. At this moment, only volunteers are involved, and many of them are very active. Vlaardingen shows how a museum can be successful by being relevant to the local people.

You will get all of this including travel and food for only 40 EUR!

Tentative Program

08:00hGathering at the Station Leiden Centraal Bus Platform


Coach leaves


Arrival at the Prehistorisch Dorp (Eindhoven) with coffee & tea, welcome by the Museum Director, Dr Ward Rennen


Guided tour, workshops & demonstrations




Departure from Eindhoven to Vlaardingen


Arrival at Vlaardingen with coffee, guided tour & small program


Departure to Leiden


Arrival in Leiden



Eindhoven Museum
Eindhoven Museum
Eindhoven Museum
Eindhoven Museum
Broekpolder Vlaardingen
Broekpolder Vlaardingen
Broekpolder Vlaardingen
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