2021 March: 12th Experimental Archaeology Conference #EAC12, World Tour - About

It is an exciting moment for Experimental Archaeology. More people are being inspired to undertake experiments in Universities, in interest groups and in personal settings: the archaeological open-air museums which have made the topic their own are now being joined by traditional museums. There are more formal university courses around the world than ever before and the reach of archaeology by experiment is an established part of archaeological work. It includes experiments in the preservation of evidence and taphonomic processes, the effectiveness of public presentation methods, the development of scientific techniques and forensics, as well as the making and performance of all manner of artefacts and structures.

The #EAC12 Conference is an “around the world in 80 experiments” taking place in March 2021. It starts in Australia, turning towards Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America as the time proceeds, and that for 4 days. #EAC12 has online lectures as well as presentations by local hotspots in different time zones. With the lectures and hotspots, #EAC12 shows the diversity of experimental archaeology and the geographic spread. EAC12 is open access, and will include many ways of interaction between the participants, the speakers and the hotspots.