2021 March: 12th Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC12, World Tour - Call for Papers

Presenting at the EAC World Tour is free of charge and is not linked to the hotspots and sponsors selection. Presentations are either posters (video clips of 5 minutes) or papers (video clips of 15 minutes). The video clip can be a talk, a film of your experiment, an interview, a slideshow, an elevator pitch or a combination of those.

A few examples: 

Dr. Katrin Kania on the topic of Tablet weaving (Textile Days 2020)

Digital Saryazd, by Kristy-Lee Seaton (AU) and Miglena Raykovska (BG)

Blogging, Bushcraft and Bookkeeping, by Marc Cox, Newhaven Coppice (UK)

EXARC has a team of volunteers who can help with editing the videos, subtitles, and some cases also provide a voice-over. We also prepare for each presentation a PR presentation for different social media channels.


We invite you to submit your abstracts for #EAC12

Presentations can be about experimental archaeology in the broad sense as EXARC advocates. This may include themes like museums, ancient technology and interpretation. Other welcome subjects are methodology, theory, materials and techniques. Important is to focus on the experiment more than the archaeological source material, and if a case study is presented, please look beyond the example to the broad application and future. 

Abstracts must be in English and should be maximum 300 words including title, author name(s) and affiliation. Please do not include images or literature references. You can send your abstract before September 30 to info@exarc.net and will receive a reply by October 20. Authors must be present online for Questions & Answers.

Proceedings will be published in the EXARC Journal, like for example https://exarc.net/journal/proceedings-EAC11


Depending on how COVID-19 develops, there will also be an EAC conference in Exeter (UK) in the same month, where people meet in person. Please mention in your submission if you like your abstract to be considered for the #EAC12 world tour only, or also for the EAC Conference in Exeter. 


There will be a second and last call for papers, running from October 1 to November 30, with a reply by December 20, 2020.