2021 March: 12th Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC12, World Tour - Exhibition on Experimental Archaeology

Parallel to the EAC World Tour the MAMUZ and EXARC initiate an exhibition on Experimental Archaeology around the world.

This is a touring exhibition and will start in Austria at the MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya in March 2021. The exhibition aims to portrait the diversity and the wide range of Experimental Archaeology around the world, its background and the current developments. It shall cover a wide spectre of materials, working techniques and approaches. 

MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya is Lower Austria’s competence centre for Prehistory, Historical Archaeology and Experimental Archaeology. The permanent exhibition offers an overview of the cultural history of Eastern Austria from the Palaeolithic Age to the beginning of the modern era using original exhibits and, in addition, fully functional models of prehistoric residential buildings and workshops from the Stone Age to the Iron Age at the adjacent open-air site.

More information about MAMUZ: https://exarc.net/members/venues/mamuz-at

Have we been able to awaken your interest?
We look forward to receiving your mail regarding your interest as participant or being the next location to present the exhibition: renate.heger@mamuz.at


To realise this project, we would like to invite you to participate: 

  • do you have any experiments that would make a good addition to this exhibition? 
  • do you have any objects you want to display on top of your EAC presentation?
  • do you have knowledge of such experiments where we can approach the researchers?
  • do you know museums who are interested in showing this exhibition after 2021?

What we need from you if you want your experiments to be part of the exhibition:
(please submit any information in English)

  • title and short description of your experiment and yourself, 
  • short description of material you can supply – any 3-dimensional stuff connected to your experiments (tools, specimen, etc.) – please inform us about the sizes and weights, 
  • short video with a person explaining the experiment not exceeding 5 minutes.


  • your materials must be able to be sent by post,
  • deadline for your response to the exhibition call: 30th of September 2020,
  • deadline for sending the contents: text/video till 23rd of January 2021,
  • deadline for sending the experimental tools: 20th of February 2021,
  • the exhibition at MAMUZ will be on display from 20th of March till 28th of November 2021.