2021 March: 12th Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC12, World Tour - Hot Spots & Sponsors

We aim to organise a worldwide event, the EAC World Tour. The spotlight will go around the world, from hot spot to hot spot, showcasing experimental archaeology in a range of countries.

The hot spots are at the centre of what is happening in experimental archaeology around them. 

To keep the event free for both participants and speakers we need sponsors who support the idea. With their contribution we make it at all possible: broadcasting those presentations and also include those who otherwise would not be able to present at an international stage (open access). This is what EXARC stands for, sharing information freely and openly. Organizing such a conference costs a lot of time and energy.  Normally our participants would pay to attend a conference to cover all that, but that is not possible this time, so of course donations are welcome. If there would be a fund we could look into for this, we would certainly do so. If we get enough sponsoring, we can pay our volunteers during the conference and support EXARC as an organisation. Sponsors can pay per hour broadcasting with or without being a hot spot themselves.

So, with your hot spot:

  1. you support the event and the idea of one worldwide, open access network of experimental archaeologists. Without you, no conference;
  2. As a hot spot you will of course also be part of our social media campaign, where we advertise our sponsors;
  3. Next to it you get 10 min to broadcast info about your museum, university, group. This could be recruitment for your courses, experiments or anything else relevant. Preferably, these broadcasts are pre-recorded;
  4. You also get to moderate your hour of broadcasting (you can share your identity over the full hour, setting things in your perspective). You will be live on our interactive server, helping with the Questions & Answer session after each presentation;
  5. The other 50 minutes per hour are filled with the EAC lectures & posters. You get to select what will be presented in "your" hour (from the abstracts which are accepted).

Airing from the hot spots during the conference costs 250 EUR per hour, which can be either paid by the hot spot itself or participants of your local program which you may have running around the time when you are online (in some cases, an own conference takes place, and during the highlighted time online, you all go online).


We are also looking for Sponsors.

Anybody can sponsor the EAC World Tour, at 250 EUR per hour. With your contribution, you help us air lectures & presentations. You can sponsor your own hot spot, or you can consider sponsoring for another region in the world. We will include a few minutes of broadcasting where the sponsor can present him or herself.

Contact us at info@exarc.net if you like to sponsor the EAC World Tour or if you like to be a hot spot.