2021 March: 12th Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC12, World Tour - How to attend?

How to attend the #EAC12 World Tour?

Attending the #EAC12 World Tour is free and open access to all. Here is a brief introduction of what conference attendees can expect. Participation to the conference is entirely within EXARC’s Discord server. Discord is a platform where communities can interact with one another in thematic text and audio channels, share media, links, and screens. EXARC’s Discord server has more than 900 members and a number of channels relating to member interests. 

Joining the EXARC Discord
In order to join the EXARC Discord server, follow this link and create a username and memorable password for yourself: https://discord.gg/MJTUwc8. If you haven’t joined already, please do so as soon as possible. When you first join the server you will only have two channels available to you, visible on the left side of the window: ‘meet-and-greet’ and ‘rules’. After you have reviewed the rules, please introduce yourself with 1-2 sentences and a moderator will grant you access to the remainder of the server channels. You can use Discord in most browsers, but for the most stable experience we strongly recommend that you install the application on your computer or smartphone.

Join the EXARC Discord

Fig 1. When you first enter the server, we ask that you introduce yourself in the meet-and-greet channel.

Using Discord for the Conference
Once you are granted entry to the full list of server channels, you will find four categories of channels on the left side of the Discord window: Getting Started, Event, Everyday Channels, and Special Interests. If you have joined well in advance of the conference, we encourage you to explore the available channels and chat with fellow server members. The conference will primarily use the channels in the Event category. 

Discord and Conferences

Fig 2. After you are granted access to the full server, you will see many more available channels.

When papers are released, server moderators will share a link to the YouTube video in the server – you can watch within Discord or follow the link to watch it in your browser. All videos will have English language subtitling based on speaker texts and checked by EXARC volunteers for clarity. You will find the video links posted in the ‘questions’ channel. You can submit your questions to speakers and tune in to a dedicated audio channel for answers and discussion. To join, just click or tap on the word ‘Audio’. While you are tuned in to the Audio channel, you can navigate to text channels by clicking or tapping on their names. There you will be able to hear the moderators and speakers during the question and answer sessions, as well as general conference announcements about the schedule and the release of new papers. If you wish to pose a question during the session, you can do so in a dedicated text channel and the session moderator will read your question aloud in the audio channel. 

Discord and YouTube

Fig 3. Links to paper presentations will be published in the ‘questions’ channel, where you can also submit your questions to speakers during the session.

When you join, you may find new channels listed, different from those visible in the screenshots shared in this post. Feel free to explore all channels available to you – if you can see it then you are invited to participate! During the conference we may create new channels in order to accommodate popular topics of conversation. It’s a different experience to have a conference online, but there are many excellent opportunities in this platform for us to interact with one another and exchange ideas. Feel free to join us on Discord today and participate in the growing conversation!