2023 May: 13th Experimental Archaeology Conference #EAC13, Torun, Poland - Sponsors

Please sponsor the EAC at 250 EUR per hour. With your contribution, you help us air lectures & presentations.

Sponsors help keeping the event free for both online participants and speakers. With your contribution we make it at all possible: broadcasting those presentations and make it free and accessible to those who otherwise would not be able to present at an international stage (open access). This is what EXARC stands for, sharing information freely and openly.

Many volunteers help organising the EAC conference. All presentations are for example subtitled and prepared for YouTube, and shared on Social Media. With your sponsoring, we can offer our volunteers to cover their expenses and buy them several cups of coffee.   

Contact us at info@exarc.net to sponsor the EAC13. border

By sponsoring:

  1. You support the event and the idea of a worldwide, open access network of experimental archaeologists. Without you, no conference;
  2. As a sponsor you will be part of our social media campaign, where we advertise our sponsors;
  3. Next to it you get 10 minutes to broadcast info about your museum, university, group. This could be recruitment for your courses, experiments or anything else relevant;
  4. The other 50 minutes per hour are filled with the EAC lectures & posters. You get to select what will be presented in "your" hour (from the abstracts which are accepted).