2020 November - Workshop Weekend, Wilhelminaoord


Ever wanted to learn how to weave, make glass beads or carve spoons? Now is your chance.

November 6-8 (arrivals Friday before Dinner, leaving Sunday late afternoon - no Dinner included on Sunday night), EXARC organises a workshop weekend in the Netherlands. This is especially geared towards those working with ancient techniques, in experimental archaeology, but also in live interpretation. Most participants will be from the Netherlands, but we look forward to people from abroad. This means that although Dutch will be spoken, we aim to accommodate to non-Dutch speakers as well. 

EXARC offers a host of different workshops to choose from, and if you like you can learn something new every day. The weekend will take place in Wilhelminaoord, in a large hostel-like building with enough classrooms and in the back yard a prehistoric village. This is the perfect place for both indoor and outdoor teaching of ancient technology. We will follow all Covid-19 measures in place at that time but technically have place for about one hundred participants. 

The weekend is open to EXARC members and non-members alike. The participation fee (also for workshop coordinators) covers accommodation and subsistence. During daytime, participants will be engaged in hands-on activities. Depending on your choice of workshop, you pay a small extra fee, straight to the coordinator of that specific activity. In the evening, we eat together and may have a few speakers presenting interesting stories after that. All workshops have an age limit, but several teachers also offer simple activities for even younger participants, if accompanied by an adult. If you have questions about bringing young children, do contact us, as we believe everything can be solved. Dogs are allowed, if kept on a leash at all times.

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How to get there

The nearest train station is Steenwijk. From there, take a bus, line 517/519 towards Wolvega via De Blesse. It leaves from Platform B and takes 16 minutes. It seems to run every hour. The bus stop is called "Wilhelminaoord, de Menning". From there it is 4 minutes walk to the Buitencentrum: Kon. Wilhelminalaan 24, 8384 GH Wilhelminaoord.


The main uncertainty about the Workshop Weekend is the influence of COVID-19, for example to the maximum number of participants. The Centre has about 90 beds in 22 rooms and we hope to be allowed to use 40 beds. In the prices below, the workshops themselves are not included. These need to be paid separately to the workshop teachers. 

Regular (incl. coffee breaks and 2 times: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 nights)  € 150,00
EXARC Members & Workshop Teachers (incl. coffee breaks and 2 times: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 nights)  € 130,00
Children (0 till 3 years) FREE
Children (3 till 14 years)  € 110,00
Saturday Day visitor (incl. coffee breaks, 1 lunch, 1 dinner)  € 50,00
Sunday Day visitor (incl. coffee breaks, 1 lunch) € 35,00
Day visitors 2 Days (incl. coffee breaks, 2 lunch, 1 dinner)  € 80,00
Regular full weekend in own tent (incl. coffee breaks and 2 times: breakfast, lunch, dinner) € 110,00

We will update the program and set the times, when we have full information on reservations of each workshop.


Workshop the Lost World of Piecework Garments

By Geeske Kruseman

Piecework means "made in a single piece", like handknitting a sweater, as opposed to cutting component parts out of a pre-existing fabric and sewing them together. …

Workshop Natural Textile Dyeing

By Katarzyna Stasinska

Participants would learn how to dye fibres using popular Medieval dyeing plants (madder, weld and woad). We will try different mordants and modifiers, to receive a…

Workshop Netting

By Lucia Ros

Netting is an amazing technique our ancestors invented to make life a bit easier; it's flexible, lightweight and usable for multiple purposes like transportation of goods and…

Working with Willow. Photo by Leo Wolterbeek Workshop Working with Willow

By Leo Wolterbeek

Salix, especially willows, have been used by humans for thousands of years. Of course we all know baskets in all shapes and sizes, many of you also know the applications…

Workshop Spoon Carving. Photo by Tom Hendriks Workshop Spoon Carving

By Tom Hendriks

Learn the age old craft of spoon carving in this workshop. Participants will get a roughly pre-formed spoon or spatula to practice different carving skills on. All tools…

Workshop Needlebinding. Photo by Rian van Zantvoort Workshop Needlebinding | Nålbinding

By Rian van Zantvoort

Nålbinding is one of the oldest handcraft techniques. The oldest needlebinding (so far) has been found in a cave in Israel and are about 10,000 years old. One of the…

Workshop Glass Bead Making. Photo by Hans van Paassen Workshop Glass Bead Making

By Hans van Paassen

The oldest glass beads are around 3,500 years old and come from Egypt and Mesopotamia. The art of making glass beads has since spread to the rest of the world. In the…

Workshop Braiding Techniques with Plant Fibres. Photo by Dorothee Olthof Workshop Braiding Techniques with Plant Fibres

By Dorothee Olthof

Plant fibres are the oldest textile material of humankind. A recent discovery of a 40,000-year-old tree bark string made by a Neanderthal man confirms that again.…

Workshop Herbal ointments and Salves through the Ages. Photo by Yvonne Lammers Workshop Herbal Ointments & Salves through the Ages

By Yvonne Lammers

From the mushrooms that Ötzi was carrying in his pouch, to the remnants of ointment in Roman sites, to seeds of henbane in the grave of a seeeress: there are many…