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Benefits & Obligations for Members


Members have the right to decide what EXARC is doing and where we are going. Every member has a vote in the general assembly.
When EXARC is setting up cooperation projects, these are in first instance for their members.
Members can visit each other’s' premises for free and will have a members' card to facilitate that. It is advised to contact the other party before visiting.
Members will receive different aids in order to make their membership recognisable like electronic logos to put on their own publicity material as well as for example EXARC folders.
Members will receive the EXARC Journal Digest and have access to online Journal.
Members will receive regular E-mail newsletters.
Members will get a page on the website about them, which they can maintain themselves.



Members are encouraged to join in our meetings.
Members are supposed to inform EXARC on their doings, their actions, problems & successes.
EXARC collects some basic information about its members (with your consent only). With this we all stand stronger.

Note:  When the membership is cancelled, one needs to return the EXARC member's card and member's shield (for instititutional members) to EXARC and remove all EXARC logos from one's website and other communication platforms and communication tools.


Please check the Members Only section for the EXARC logo.

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