The Society of Experimental Archaeology „Harjis” (PL)

Member of EXARC since

The Society of Experimental Archaeology „Harjis” runs a project that aims to recreate outfit, weaponry and realities of the Przeworsk Culture, that is, people living in the first centuries of our era in the territory of present-day Poland. We began popularisation of historical knowledge about the Barbarian Europe in 2007. In our first active years we focused mainly on popularisation of archaeology. 


For the last three years the primary direction of our activities concentrated on widely understood experimental archaeology. Thanks to this attitude we have gained the official patronage of the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Lodz. In addition to the popularisation, we put special emphasis on scientific activity. We try to publish the results of our experiments regularly in scientific journals. 

Our activity is based on the experience in the field of crafts such as blacksmithing, carpentry, leathercraft, weaving and pottery, etc. We perform experiments in using different types of weapons. We try to recapture burial rituals through the interpretation of historical and archaeological sources. Continuous efforts to reconstruct the barbarian cuisine make interesting addition to our camp life. We associate people from different regions of Poland and from different backgrounds, however most of us are archaeologists.

By participating in many archaeological festivals in cooperation with museums and educational institutions we are trying to reach wider audience. During those events we are running a project that brings closer realities of everyday life to the visitors. In order to reach to the tourists, we use such means as a lecture, presentation of dress and weaponry at the turn of the eras, presentation of changes in weaponry, presentation of reconstruction of archaeological artefacts and changes in the decorative styles and ornaments. We enable direct contact with artefacts from 2000 years ago. 

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