Förderverein Steinzeitdorf Ehrenstein e. V. (DE)

Member of EXARC since

Funded in 2014, the association co-operates with the city of Blaustein in the development of an archaeological park on the UNESCO World Heritage site in Ehrenstein near Ulm, Germany. Ehrenstein is one of the 111 sites of prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps that were recognised as World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2011. It is unique in that it is the only site in a river valley, it is the only site north of the Danube, and the only site where special limestone discs were discovered. The Neolithic village existed for about 80-100 years in the 4th millennium B.C and is seen as representing the Schussenrieder culture.


The association is responsible for the management of the site and started activities for the public, in particular schoolchildren, on the site in 2017 and is steadily expanding its offers for visitors and schools. Activities include archery and bowmaking, making Ehrensteiner discs and prehistoric cooking and baking in a reconstructed clay oven on the site. Members of the association regularly meet in workshops to expand their knowledge on and expertise in museum management and living history displays. In particular, the association works towards a more comprehensive educational programme for the park and also leads the construction work of a 1:1 size model of one of the stone age village houses. When finished, the park will include an information centre with a café and a small exhibition displaying local finds as well as facilities for picknick and camping.


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