Laboratorul de Cercetari Stiintifice “Tracologie” (MD)

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Member of EXARC since

During the archaeological expedition organized by Moldova State University in June and July 2007, a team formed by the members of the Archaeology Seminar, under the surveillance of the director of the “Thracology” Scientific Lab, dr. Andrei Nicic, have organized the Centre of Experimental Archaeology. 

The main purpose of this project was to make a collection of pottery vases after the analogies of those from the “Cozia-Saharna” and getic cultures.
For the following year we have planned to build an open-air prehistory settlement (similar to those from 7th century BC), guided by the artefacts found at the archaeological site “Saharna Tiglau” and from the many other sites related to “Cozia-Saharna” and “Basarabi” cultures, located in the middle region of Dniester river.


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